Senate Judiciary Committee To Vote on Alito Nomination

By January 24, 2006Judicial Nominations

Today, the Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to vote on the nomination of Judge Alito to the US Supreme Court. Here’s a link to the full Judiciary Committee. Please phone, fax, or e-mail them and urge them to support his nomination.

Beginning tomorrow, his nomination should go to the floor of the Senate and debate will begin. For most of the past hundred Justices or so, debate is brief and more of a pro-forma exercise. Please click here to urge your Senators to have a quick up-or-down vote on Judge Alito. Even if they don’t support him, they ought to vote their conscience and move on. Delay is a way to postpone the inevitable, and is unfair to Judge Alito and the Constitutional process (anybody remember the Constitution….?) In fact, the latest poll shows that support for Judge Alito actually increased after his hearings, and his supporters now outnumber is opponents by almost 2-to-1.

This is the home stretch. If you care about legal reform, it begins at the top.

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  • charlotte klieman says:

    Alito is a danger to the fundamental traditions of American……even for those yet unborn…He should not be confirmed….