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By January 11, 2006Judicial Nominations

It’ll be interesting to see if we get any Democrats on the Committee voting for Alito. How is that possible that people could stoop so low as to put politics above confirmation of an eminently qualified nominee? Half of Democrats voted for Roberts, If you at vote for Roberts, who an you vote for?

Look at the way Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Breyer were treated. We treated them very well, knew both were social liberals, disagreed with most of our positions, yet they were treated very well, won overwhelming votes on the floor of the Senate. Whoever is President deserves true deference for his or her nominees. We should vote for them if they are qualified. The fact that we disagreed with their ideology was irrelevant. As much as you might differ with their views, they were both honorable people. So are Roberts and Alito. Alito deserves to be confirmed.

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  • Pat Cleary says:

    To John Fuhr’s comment, you can find our criteria at You’ll see there that we are not results-oriented in that it must be a business-friendly result. What we want is predictability. It’s that simple. Legal reform begins at the top, litigation is in inverse proportion to predictability.

  • MyManMisterC says:

    The best dialouge of the day was the discussion between Sen. Kennedy and Sen. Specter about a piece of mail that was “mailed” by Kennedy, but not “recieved” by Specter.

    Specter tells Kennedy – “I think I know what I do and do not receive.”

    Maybe Kennedy forgot to add the extra 2 cents for postage.

  • John C. Fuhr says:

    Engler: “We want judges who interpret the law, not make it from the bench.”

    Which White House aide penned that? And who is “we?” Does a judge “interpret the law” when he agrees with any and all NAM/right-wing philosophy? Does he “legislate from the bench” when he doesn’t?

    Can’t have it both ways, folks.