Sen. Ben Nelson, Statesman

By January 18, 2006Judicial Nominations

Kudos to Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) for resisting the blatant partisanship that has gripped this city and especially the bad theater that is the Alito nomination battle. Looks like Judge Alito will be confirmed with bipartisan support, as Sen. Nelson has announced that he will be voting for Judge Alito.

Hmmmm… Seems like Sen. Nelson is the only one in his party who read and understood Hamilton and Federalist 78 when he talked about the Senate’s role in such matters. It’s advice and consent, period. As even the Washington Post has argued, the President ought to be afforded wide latitude in his appointments. It’s what elections are about, after all. Some would choose to keep fighting the elections long after they are settled, as here. Fact is, Judge Alito is supremely qualified for this job and deserves the support of the US Senate.

Bravo to Ben Nelson for understating his Constitutional role. Let’s hope others in his party will follow suit. If you’re from Nebraska, please drop him a note to thank him for his leadership and for being that rarest of endangered species here in Washington, a true statesman.