Reps. Conaway and Carter

By January 31, 2006General

Reps. Conaway (TX-11) and Carter (TX-31) have joined us. Again, the topic turns to energy.

Says Conaway, I’m from Midland, at the heart of the Permian Basin; we have more holes drilled in the ground here than any other place on earth. The Andrews community in my district is trying to build a nuclear reactor, they recognize that it’s a more cost efficient deal; we are at the heart of the oil and gas but we also recognize the need to look far sighted. We’ve also been talking about clean coal technology in my district.

Says Rep. Carter: I have almost no oil and gas production in my district but we’re looking into alternative fuels. At Texas A&M, they founda way to turn almost any organic product into alcohol, it’s a simple process.

On Lobbying reform, I’m very much opposed to knee-jerk reactions to anything. I’m an old trial judge; I’ve sent more people to prison than are in this building. I’m all for letting the process work. I also don’t think Congress is tainted entirely. But I’ll listen to every opinion, we all need to calm down and see exactly what we’re doing. I don’t really care if we abolish earmarks.

Conaway on lobbying reform, “I think its offensive that getting a $2,000 personal check or a $5,000 PAC check equates to being bought; that receiving that kind of money means I’ll sell out my personal integrity.”