Report from America: Clearwater Beach, Fla

By January 10, 2006General

Report from AmericaTough duty for the blogger-in-chief down here in Clearwater Beach for he American Fiber Manufacturers Association Board of Directors meeting. It was 60 degrees in DC today, but it’s still nice to be here in sunny Florida.

Heard from respected pollster Jan van Lohuizen tonight at the Board dinner with is own observations about the political landscape. “This has not been a good year for Republicans”, he began, citing the President’s low approval ratings, the War in Iraq and Hurricane Katrina and its fallout. He mentioned illegal aliens and health care as looming issues, opining that nothing will be done about the latter but there will be legislation that addresses the former. Both, in his view, are political potent issues.

At the end of the day, despite his relatively gloomy assessment of the state of Republican n politics, he concluded that in the upcoming 200 elections, while Republicans may lose seats in the House and Senate, it won’t be enough to switch control of either chamber. He also predicted a loss of seats for the GOP in Governor’s races. All in all, his was an insightful presentation, chock full of data from his current polling and observations from recent focus groups. An interesting coda to a day which began at the RNC briefing.