‘Rep. Norwood Declares Victory in Majority Leader Race’

By January 24, 2006Labor Unions

We sat up and took notice today when an e-mail came across our desk with the above title in the subject line. A new entrant in the Majority Leader’s race? And he’s declaring victory? What’s going on? (Sheez, next thing you know, someboyd’s gonna tell us that Harry Belafonte is an international statesman…)

And so we read on:

“A spokesman for Rep. Charlie Norwood [R-GA} indicated Monday that his boss…officially locked up enough votes to claim victory in the race to become the next House Majority Leader.”

Then the punch line:

“In collecting over 117 authorization cards declaring Members’ support, I was able to…win the day.” The final paragraph notes that “Norwood plans to bring the signed authorization cards to the Republican Steering Committee for certification when Congress reconvenes.”


See, Rep. Norwood, is the sponsor of H.R. 874, the Secret Ballot Protection Act. It would require secret ballot union elections. As it stands today, in some circumstances, the union can gain recognition simply by collecting a majority of authorization cards — cards that are signed by employees saying they want the union or that they want an election. So what’s wrong with that? Well, it may surprise you to know that there’s often not a little coercion involved in collecting these cards. A few union supporters can confront any employee and (what’s a nice word for coerce?) them to sign the card. It’s face-to-face, nothing secret about it. It can be very intimidating. And, it’s about the only way they win elections these days, if you can call that “winning.”

So what Rep. Norwood is trying to do it to make sure that every union election would be governed by a secret ballot. Makes sense, seein’s how we live here in America, the Cradle of Democracy. All in favor of demcoracy, raise your hand. The union folks, for their part, favor coercion. They kinda like coercion. Works for them. All in favor of coercion, well, nevermind.

Bravo to Charlie Norwood and his great staff for finding a great and timely way to make their point. Here’s a link to his press release and “Dear Colleague” letter from today.

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  • Charlie Webb says:

    Everyone take note that the negative responses do not address or attempt to justify the un-democratic union election practices rather they try to deflect the issue by attacking others.

  • alan says:

    Fair enough. Since we are being fair, maybe the company can stop holding “captive” audiences. And being the fair man you are im sure it appalls you that the company (have you found a nice word for coerce?) goes out of its way to intimidate the interested employees.

  • Ron Scott says:

    I really think you need to be honest with yourself, First you have no concern for workers if it takes away from your profits. Second if unions were allowed to get a fair vote in many manufacturing plants we would be happy, the truth is whenever anyone mentions union in most places they are fired before anyone can join in. Workers in most places are scared to even talk about a union, Who is being coerced here.

  • Pat Cleary says:


    I edited out some of your more vicious ad hominem attacks. Not nice, really.

    In any event, if you’d read your assignment, you’d know we don’t have a PAC. Rep. Norwood gets no $$ from us, only our award for voting for the interests of manufacturing (that includes workers) in this country 70% of the time or more. We need more like him.

    Thanks for writing.

  • Sam Ensley says:

    I just noticed that this is a blog of the National Association of Manufacturers. It would be interesting to know just how close the ties are between this groups and our divine (according to his own description) Mr. Norwood.
    Come on, Charlie. Tell us how much money you get from this group. There are, or were, more workers in your distric than manufacturers. They don’t have the resources that manufacturers do, though.

  • Sam Ensley says:

    Old Charlie is just like the rest of his Republican comrades. They want everything done in secrecy, including their relationships with people like Jack Abramoff. That way they can take kick-backs, bribes, and push through deals that serve only their own selfish interests. You want the unions weakened and out of business so that you can turn the few remaining American workers whose jobs have not been out-sourced into serfs.
    While you are tooting your own horn, Charlie, old boy, tell us how you voted on the prescription bill that you admit in this letter is terrible?
    How are things standing on the money you got from Abramoff? Did you donate it to some Republican cause? Why was he giving you money, anyway?
    I just hope the country can survive your party’s greedy grabbing.
    This post was originally paragraphed, but I see your equipment has turned it into an almost unreadable glob.

  • Dale Simmons says:

    It seems to me that congress should look at their own house and clean it up first. Straight party line votes talk about coersion

  • Ron says:

    Congressman Norwood sold out to Southern Company’s nuclear interests a long time ago. His only claim to fame is his own horn tooting.