Powerless Parents Sue Nickelodeon

By January 19, 2006Briefly Legal

Couldn’t resist this one — a story from the AP wire about a lawsuit against Nickelodeon and others for advertising what the parents consider to be non-healthy food on their network. One of the plaintiffs, one Sherri Carlson said she tries her best to get her three kids to eat healthy foods. “But then they turn on Nickelodeon and see all those enticing junk-food ads,” Carlson said. “Adding insult to injury, we enter the grocery store and see our beloved Nick characters plastered on all those junk snacks and cereals.”

Oh, the horror.

We have to wonder: Are Ms. Carlson and the other plaintiff/parents completely powerless? If their kids want to eat food they consider unhealthy, can they not say “no”? At some level, doesn’t personal responsibility and responsible parenting come into play? Welcome to the Nanny State.

In any event, Nickelodeon and the other defendants will pay a hefty price in legal fees fighting this asinine lawsuit, and no doubt there will be more. These are shallow claims in search of deep pockets and they’ve found them. Lawsuits run amok. Maybe the plaintiffs ought to spend a little money themselves and try some basic parenting classes.

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  • blogger's apprentice says:

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  • Jane says:

    I agree with your comments about personal responsibility–we have to teach our kids to make responsible decisions about their own lives–whether it is about snack foods, doing their homework or doing drugs!

  • Sarah Prichard says:

    Absolutely! Parents need to take responsibility for their themselves, but more importantly their children.
    Not only is this pointless lawsuit wasting the money of Nickolodeon and the other defendants, but it is also teaching her children a HORRIBLE lesson that it is always someone elses fault thus continuing this demoralizing cycle of finger pointing.
    Whatever happened to being responsible for your own actions?

  • m. demaria says:

    Totally agree! As a mother of six whose kids have been watching Nickelodeon since before Alanis Morissette was on You Can’t Do That On Television (youngest ones still watching)I don’t feel the need to abdicate my responsibility. If these people can’t think and act for themselves maybe they shouldn’t have had kids. I certainly don’t want the government telling me what to do at every turn. Cereal ads don’t make you unhealthy and McDonalds doesn’t make you fat. You have the choice to purchase things or not and you should be glad we live in a society that gives us the choice. Value the choice and exercise your right as a parent to be the authority instead of letting the government do it for you!
    The judges should throw these types of lawsuits out of court. How can you be sued for something as inane as this?

  • Jennifer says:


    I could not agree with your assessment more. The lack of personal responsibility in this country is amazing.

    I was raised with Tony the Tiger (frosted flakes)as the lead advertising vehicle… honeycomb kids.. etc. I distinctly remember my mother commenting while I was whining at the store that if I wanted to save my allownace and buy the cereal then I was free to do so…

    Maybe we should sue the grocery stores for having the nerve to put candy right there in the checkout lane tempting our children to throw a fit for a candybar! Why, it’s subversive and an affront to all parents everywhere! Furthermore, let’s sue the artists who came up with the concept of spongebob… with no spongebob our kids wouldn’t want any of the stuff he is associated with. That’s right, jail the artist!

    All this suing and jailing would be a huge boon to the jail construction companies out there — I bet they are on board with this concept and can underwrite the legal fees for the lawsuit.

    Gotta love America!