Power Line Blog and Hugh Hewitt Write About The Real Lou Dobbs

By January 29, 2006Dobbs Watch

Dobbs WatchIt was just another day over at Skunk Holler, otherwise known as blog HQ, when we noticed that traffic had nearly doubled (ok, we confess we went from 2 to 4, but still a 100% increase, right?)

It seems as the nice people over at Hugh Hewitt’s blog found our occasional rants about Lou Dobbs and linked to us. If you haven’t visited Hugh’s blog you should. He’s listed as a “top 100” blog according to Technorati. In an entry on January 27th titled, “Enjoy the Artistic Stylings and Segues of Lou Dobbs” writer Mary Katherine Ham says,

“I watched CNN yesterday evening. I hadn’t done that in a while…Lou Dobbs was something else last night.” And proceeds to quote the typical gloom-and-doom Dobbs. Mary Katherine closes with a link to our dobbswatch.com site and remarks, “I think I’ll just check in with [us] from now on; I’ve had enough for a while.”

A few thoughts:

First, becuse we live by the rule that one good shout-out deserves another, we just want to say “thanks guys!” and keep up the great work…we could probably learn a thing or two from your successful blog.

Second a personal note to Mary Katherine and Hugh Hewitt: we’ll let you in on a little secret: we’ve basically stopped writing about Dobbs because its the same show every day; if you’d had enough of Lou Dobbs for awhile, don’t worry, you won’t miss anything by tuning him out; not like his anti-free-trade mantra is really gonna change anytime soon.

So, we were happy with just that, but then traffic continued to climb and, following Mary Katherine’s entry, we were picked up by another great blog, Power Line. In an entry titled “The Unlikely Populist” writer Paul Mirengoff notes, “Such MSM mainstays as Tim Russert, Chris Matthews, and Dana Milbank may have let the infantile left down, but it can still count on Lou Dobbs.”

Yes, you can, Paul. And thanks too for the mention! Good on ya, Mate!

So, looks like two more blogs, with a daily audience larger than Lou Dobbs have discovered who he really is. Reminds us yet again of James Glassman’s timeless comment when he was interviewed by Dobbs, “You should know better Lou, you went to Harvard.”

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  • Kerfuffles says:

    Pat, a few weeks ago I saw Dobbs show and he was speaking about your association and I saw a screen shot of your Manufacturers Blog, so we know that he must read you.