Pardon Our (Lack of) Manners

By January 11, 2006General

The press of schedule — and the prolonged absence of the blogger’s apprentice Down Under, now back — made it impossible for us to list all who attended the RNC blog event, ’til now. Herewith a list of all the assembled talent there that day. We were humbled to be in their presence. After we departed, they ended up at the Hay-Adams Hotel meeting with Karl Rove and then with Fred Barnes. We were already winging our way to sunny Florida by then. Sorry to have missed that part of it, but most of them have some good accounts of the day. Check ’em out, a great bunch all, integral parts of a media revolution:

Captain’s Quarters
Ed Morrissey
Mary Katherine Ham
Michelle Malkin

Red State
Bob Hahn

Blogs for Bush
Matt Margolis

Town Hall
Tim Chapman

GOP Bloggers
Mark Noonan

Kevin Aylward

Suitably Flip
Flip Pidot

Right Side Redux
Joshua Hart