National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

By January 30, 2006General

The Blogger-in-Chief and his Apprentice were going about the usual Monday when we realized that today is National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (yes, we have it circled on our calendars…we’re manufacturers, what do you expect?)

NAM Member, Sealed Air Corporation. is one of the leading suppliers of Bubble Wrap. Check out their Web site devoted to Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day where, among other things, you can:

  • Learn how Bubble Wrap is made (sorry, no video, but the nice folks at Sealed Air Corporation promises us that one is coming shortly)
  • Read about the history of Bubble Wrap
  • Play an online Bubble Wrap popping game
  • Take the Bubble Wrap “Pop” quiz
  • Find out places where Bubble Wrap packaging has been mentioned on TV, in books and magazines, etc.
  • View the Bubble Wrap photo gallery
  • Thanks to NAM member Ron Reisman for notifying us about this a few weeks ago. We think he has one of the best jobs on earth. Plus, as Ron says, its there’s always a way to relieve a little stress: just pop some bubbles!

    Like most manufacturing products: try to go a day without using a product that wasn’t shipped with Bubble Wrap®.

    Show your support for Bubble Wrap by clicking on the “send to a friend” feature to send a note to your friends wishing them “Happy Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day.”

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    • Sylvia Hardin says:

      Congrats to Ron Reisman for reminding you to celebrate this occasion! And thanks to all of you for your great product! I will refrain today from “popping your bubble,” because I think you deserve to bask fully in well-deserved kudos.