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By January 9, 2006General

Just heard from a GOP strategist, handicapping the Senate and House races in ’06. Bottom line is they predict “no doubt” they will keep control of the Senate and “we will certainly keep the majority in the House”, adding, “This is not 1994.” A sense that these will be local races, not an overriding national theme. This person noted that bloggers “had a major impact” in the elections of ’04, “have changed the way campaigns are conducted.”

Just got briefing from Patrick Ruffini, the eCampaign director here at the NC. He echoes the above theme. There are 24.7 million blogs — 30% of Internet users visited a blog in 2005. New local blogs – for candidates — have cropped up, drawing national-sized audiences, like Kennedy vs. the Machine, being used by Mark Kennedy, Senate candidate in Minnesota. Blogs create an opportunity to interact directly with newsmakers (and voters), no filter.

Are about to hear from another strategist here on some polling data. Will update on that later, and do an overall wrap-up later today.

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  • Pat,

    I genuinely appreciate the mention of Kennedy vs. The Machine (who was unable to attend due to the fact that we all have non-campaign jobs). The problem? We are not being “used” by the Kennedy campaign. In fact, it was nearly 6 months after I started the blog before I ever shook the hand of Mark Kennedy. We are also honest about the instances where we disagree with Kennedy’s positions — ANWR being chief among them.

    A little more precise language would be helpful as I do not want to be perceived as something we are not.

    But nevertheless, thanks for the mention.

    Gary M. Miller

  • Kerfuffles says:

    Congratulations Pat! You are getting lots of mentions in Bloggerville.