Looking Back, Looking Forward

By January 2, 2006General

OK, the blogger-in-chief has awakened from his slumber, more or less. Thanks to the Blogger’s Apprentice for filling the blabber void with regular posts from Down Under, including the first post of the New Year, from Brisbane.

Probably should have posted this when it was still 2005 (does anyone remember 2005….?), but we wanted to give a shout-out to Kevin Holland of Association, Inc., who was kind enough to name us the Best Association Blog of 2005 as part of his annual “Why Not?” Awards.
Also wanted to thank fellow Red State traveler Mark Kilmer. In his “MAKPA of the Year Awards“, he gave us the highly-coveted Captain Ed Award for 2005. We’re not sure what the hell it is, but any time we get an award, we celebrate. Like Zorba, we dance.

We’ll post more here tomorrow to let you know of a few changes to our humble blog for 2006 — all improvements, we assure you. We’ll get a little face lift and conscript a fews more writers, but we did want to say thanks to both of you regular blog readers who helped make 2005 a successful year. We look forward to at least doubling the number of blog readers from 2 to 4 in 2006.

We can dream, can’t we….?