Ken Mehlman on Energy and Alito

By January 9, 2006General

On energy, if you spend 30 years discouraging production, making it harder to refine and generally being anti-energy, you’ll have less energy. It’s a supply and demand issue. We as the party of free markets should not be afraid to explain this to people. This is a market issue, need to respond by increasing supply and also encouraging conservation.

Judge Alito, been unanimously confirmed twice by the US Senate. “Highly qualified”, the “gold standard”, according to Sen. Chuck Schumer. But now there is an outrageous effort to attack him, attack his character. It’s outrageous and it’s wrong. Says Nan Aron, asked what they’ll do to defeat Judge Alito: “You name it and we’ll do it.” The American people deserve a fair hearing. I believe he will ultimately be confirmed. Senators: do you represent your constituents [or not]? Hope we can turn down the temperature and have a fair hearing. Judge Alito is the epitome of the American Dream.