Judge Alito: One Step Closer

By January 25, 2006Judicial Nominations

Judge Alito was voted out of the Senate Judiciary Committee on a 10 – 8 party line vote, with all Republicans voting in favor and all Democrats voting against. It goes to the Senate floor starting today, with a vote expected maybe this weekend. As of today, it has been 86 days since Judge Alito was nominated. Chief Justice Roberts was confirmed 71 days after his nomination, and that one hardly moved at a rocket’s pace. By comparison, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s confirmation only took 41 days.

You know the drill: If you’ve not already done so, please drop a note to your Senators, urging them to support Judge Alito and urging them in any case to move it to a swift up-or-down vote. Remember, legal reform begins at the top.