John Sweeney Has A Plan

By January 18, 2006Labor Unions

For those of you who are lost or worried, fear not: Shrinking AFL-CIO President John Sweeney has a plan. Today at the National Press Club (must be a slow news week….), Sweeney will give a “major speech” (we think others will judge precidely how major). He will, we’re told, “outline the AFL-CIO’s aggressive plan of action to restore workers’ freedom to join unions….” among other solutions.

Gee, we hope this is better than his last 20 aggressive plans of action. They resulted in a sharp decline in membership, massive staff layoffs and ultimately in the AFL-CIO being split in two. He can’t afford many more victories, as we’ve said before.

Not to worry, we’ll be covering the speech and commenting in this space later today or tomorrow. Stay tuned.