Got a Job to Fill? Have We Got a Vet for You!

By January 18, 2006General

We were pleased yesterday to read in The Washington Post an article discussing the need to hire more veterans.

The article discussed a new report issued by the Office of Personal Management indicating that veterans accounted for 33.6 percent of new full-time permanent federal hires in 2004, an increase over the previous year. However, the long term trend shows a gradual decline and most of these hires are found in the Defense Department.

You’re probably wondering: how does this relate to manufacturing? Well, as we have said many times before, we face a shortage of skilled workers. In fact, research estimates that by the year 2010, we’ll face a shortage of some 8 million skilled workers, rising to 14 million by 2020.

So, that’s why we recently launched a partnership with RecruitMilitary because veterans offer a deep pool of talent that can help manufacturers overcome a serious shortage of skilled workers that threatens America’s global manufacturing leadership. Its well known that military veterans have the sophisticated technical skills, work ethic, commitment and drive needed in the modern manufacturing workplace.

Oh, and if you are interested in getting involved in this effort, in February we’ll be organizing a Webinar where you can learn more about this event.

Thanks to The Post for calling attention to this important matter.