Friday Follies: Trunk Monkey to the Rescue

By January 13, 2006Friday Follies

Friday FolliesWell, this is certainly a week that needs some comic relief. Thanks to our colleague Jay Timmons for sending us these great clips from the Suburban Auto Group outside of Portland, Oregon. They are running these very funny ads featuring “The Trunk Monkey”. We have a bunch, will parse them out this week and next, but here are two to get you started. In the first, the monkey comes to the rescue of a mild-mannered driver begin harassed by a guy with clear anger issues. (Hey — isn’t that guy on the Senate Judiciary Committee….?) In the second, the Trunk Monkey comes to the rescue, thwarting a car thief. We’ll push out a few more soon, but we thought these were pretty good to get you started. We could have used a monkey like this one this week in the Senate, no?


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