Friday Follies Bonus: For Men Oprah Only – ‘I’m So Sorry’

By January 27, 2006Friday Follies

fridayfollies.jpgRegular blog readers (both of you) will recall that back on June 24, 2005, we featured on Friday Follies Mark’s Apology Note Generator. In light of the recent Oprah scandal, (and in keeping consistent with with our values and journalistic standards of writing anything for the sake of higher viewership), we (re-) present Mark’s Apology Note Generator for our readers below:

OK, sorry we have nothing for the ladies this week, not even a nice parting gift. But don’t worry, what we have for the men will ultimately benefit the woman or women in their lives. We men, what do we do? We work, we sleep, we drink, we eat, we scratch, we apologize. Mostly we apologize. In fact, the average American adult male spends more than half of his adult life apologizing for something. (We don’t have a source for this, it’s purely anecdotal based on feedback from our regular blog readers…and if we are wrong on that…well, we’re…sorry).

Well, thanks to the wonders of technology, apologizing just got a whole lot easier. On Mark’s Apology Note Generator, there are pull down menus that cover most every eventuality that you can imagine. And, there’s even a space where you can fill in your own weepy entreaty for forgiveness, you pathetic wimp. It’ll take years — or at least weeks — to run through all the possibilities. The logo is priceless, or at least apt — two eyes peering out from a doghouse. We’ve all been there. For some of us, it’s less of a way station than it is a permanent residence.

So guys, have a good weekend and gals, what can we say? We’re sorry. More detailed apology to follow…

Oh, and in case you’re angry at us for coughing up old content, what else can we say but again, We’re Sorry.