Final Thoughts on the RNC Blog Event

By January 10, 2006General

Unfortunately we had to cut out early from the RNC blog event early today. We’ll post a list of all who attended (there were some big names there) as soon as we get back in the office. At day’s end, they met with Karl Rove and Fred Barnes. The blogger-in-chief was already in Florida by then.

No matter, what struck us is how the Republicans seem to have a leg up on their Democrat counterparts when it comes to so-called “new media”. Howard Dean’s campaign got out to an early start on the Internet, but as Chairman, he has not done as much as folks expected to embrace all the forms of new media. The RNC is certainly miles ahead on blogging and has cultivated bloggers, as has both the House and Senate Republican Caucus, not to mention Interior Secretary Gale Norton, among others. It’s a great way for folks to get their message out, unfiltered. As one of the Republican strategists said today, “we don’t expect any breaks from the mainstream media”, and so they are taping into blogs as a way to get their message out.

We are always reminded of our friend Eric McErlain’s image of every blogger (there are now 20+ million) as a termite, eating away at mainstream media, bit by bit. It seems that the RNC sees it the same way and is rushing to embrace the new media.

Bottom line is that we were glad for the invite, wish we could have stayed for the duration, but alas, manufacturing duty called.