Day Two from CES

By January 6, 2006General

Daily Updates from the CES Show in Las VegasAnother dispatch from Peggy Ireland at the CES Show in Las Vegas:

Looking back to yesterday (Wednesday), prior to the advent of the Xbox 360, who would have imagined that you would see Bill Gates and Steve Balmer on a stage duking it out? But with Microsoft’s pre-keynote address you tend to expect the unexpected and are not disappointed.

I want to wish a happy anniversary to Diskeeper Corporation, formerly Executive Software, celebrating its tenth year of defragmenting Windows. Their newest product, Diskeeper10, provides new adaptive technology designed to wring every last drop of performance out of every computer on your network – automatically.

There are so many wonderful and interesting things to see at CES and yet it seems there is so very little time to see everything. I overheard someone talking about a USB-powered beer cooler but search as I might I just have not found it yet, so I’m just going to randomly tell you some of the things I did find.

For those of you who can’t be without TV wherever you are, the Samsung 82-inch LCD TV may not be the answer. If that is the case try downloading MobiTV to get live streaming television delivered straight to your mobile phone.

And h2o audio is showing waterproof cases and headphones for your iPod, even the iPods with video. Is anyone out there interested in paddle surfing to music?

Or, are you interested in using your iPod to record, store and view video files? ATO has a product that will turn your iPod into a video recorder.

Are you looking for a file compression tool to reduce bandwidth and storage costs? The patent-pending JPEG compression technology included with Allume Systems’ StuffIt Deluxe marks a significant first in the world of file compression; only StuffIt technology is able reduce the file size of JPEG photos up to 30 percent with absolutely no loss in image quality. StuffIt Deluxe also includes technology that makes access to zipped files completely transparent. When using StuffIt’s patented ZipFolders technology, users no longer have to decompress files in order to work on them.

And an interesting product manufactured by Wireless Garden is the YADA Headset Hub. It’s a mini hub that can be used to connect multiple headsets to a single cell phone, laptop or mp3 player, allowing up to six people to simultaneously carry on a private conversation or listen to music.

Company netomat is planning to launch the netomat hub early next week. This hub is a free service to easily create, get and share content with anyone, anywhere, anytime. It is a group picture, text and RSS-sharing service for mobile phones and PCs.

For those who are worried about the security of their home or business LaserShield offers Security in a Box. It’s a plug and play security system that does not require installation and programming.

Hawking Technology offers HomeRemote, a wireless home automation system that allows you to control, monitor and secure your home over the Internet.

McAfee’s Wireless Home Network Security 2006 provides industry-standard, automatic protection against data theft, unauthorized network access, and broadband freeloading through an easy and intuitive one-click interface. I particularly liked the fact that it automates encryption key changes.

And I wouldn’t be human if I tried to tell you that didn’t catch my eye. This company builds custom computers from a retail store front and their computers are something to behold.

SingleClick Systems offers a variety of products designed to make home and wireless networking simple and easy for consumers at all technical levels.

Intel did an impressive demo of a dual core laptop during Paul Otellini’s keynote address Thursday. These are 68 percent faster with 28 percent lower power giving the user roughly an extra hour of battery life. During the demo they ran a small but high-definition video, ripped a cd and loaded 79 pictures in less than 6.5 seconds. Wow!

As I mentioned earlier, I still have not found that USB-beer cooler. But, hey, tomorrow is another day.