‘Confirm Samuel Alito’

By January 16, 2006Judicial Nominations

Under the above title was the lead editorial in yesterday’s Washington Post — no bastion of conservatism. But the Post –as regular blog readers know — has been pretty consistent on these Supreme Court nominees, lamenting the ugly state of political play and reminding readers that this is, in their words, “Not a Campaign.” They even went so far as to scold Senate Minority leader Harry Reid (D-NV) for not giving more deference to the President’s nominees.

Says the Post editorial in part:

“…Judge Alito is superbly qualified. His record on the bench is that of a thoughtful conservative, not a raging ideologue. He pays careful attention to the record and doesn’t reach for the political outcomes he desires. His colleagues of all stripes speak highly of him. His integrity, notwithstanding efforts to smear him, remains unimpeached…Judge Alito will favor a judiciary that exercises restraint and does not substitute its judgment for that of the political branches in areas of their competence.”

Here’s a link to the full editorial. It’s well done. And don’t forget to contact your Senators and urge them to vote for Judge Alito and to move his nomination to a swift up-or-down vote. Legal reform begins at the top.