Blog Row Today

By January 31, 2006General

We have been invited to participate in a “Blog Row” on Capitol Hill today, sponsored by the House Republican Conference. As we’ve said in this space many, many times, if the Democrats invited us, we’d go there, too, ask the same questions, write their answers for all to see. We are non-partisan.

In any event, the festivities begin around 2 p.m. and stretch all the way through the State of the Union address and beyond, until 11 p.m. We’ll be there and posting periodically. Please do drop us a note — either via e-mail or by clicking on the “Comments” tag below — if you have questions for the Members of Congress who will be stopping by, or if you have comments about the speech. We’ll be posting your comments and asking your questions, along with some of our own.

Again, as with other events, we hope to bring you into it, to make you a part of it. You will get the information we receive and it will be unvarnished,unfiltered and unedited. We’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

Some of the Members of Congress expected to stop by are: Barrett (SC), Brown-Waite (FL), Burgess (TX), Cannon (UT), Carter (TX), Franks (AZ), Gohmert (TX), Green (WI), Harris (FL), Jindal (LA), King (IA), McHenry (NC), Pence (IN), Pombo (CA), Price (GA), Ros-Lehtinen (FL), Royce (CA), Shimkus (IL) and Tiahrt (KS). Various members of the House Leadership are expected to drop by as well.

We hope you’ll join us.