Another Live Blogging Event Tomorrow

By January 8, 2006General

We’ll have at least two live blogging events this week, one which we’ll talk about tomorrow, but there’s one that starts first thing tomorrow morning, so we thought we should let you know today. We’ve been invited by Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Ken Mehlman to a briefing by him and other top RNC staff on upcoming races and polling and have — in their words — “a conversation on blogging and new media.”

We’ve reminded you all in this space many times that we are a non-partisan organization. We are happy to accept invitations from any quarter. Thus far, we’ve only been invited by the House Republicans and Senate Republicans and the RNC. Should we get an invite from their Democrat counterparts, we will happily accept and give them equal time.

In any event, tomorrow’s event begins at 9 sharp. We’ll be posting live from the RNC soon after that. Please tune in and drop us an e-mail if you want to ask a question or get engaged in the discussion.