Alito Hearings: What Was on the Senators’ Minds?

By January 13, 2006Judicial Nominations

In case you were wondering what was on the Senators’ minds during the hearings, here’s a partial list of the major topics asked of Judge Alito this week. It’s interesting to see that an issue like abortion garnered 101 questions when in fact he’ll probably not spend much of his time as a Justice on that issue. By comparison, there were only 11 questions on the 4th Amendment (search & seizure), an issue that will probably find its way to the court with much more frequency. Note that there aren’t many questions about business issues, on which he will spend a fair amount of his time (if past if prologue), and why we’re in this fray in the first place. Here’s the topic list:

Concerned Alumni of Princeton: 49
Vanguard/Ethics: 49
Abortion: 101
Commerce Clause, Federalism, Congressional Power: 42
Executive Power: 94
National Security/Wiretapping: 20
Criminal Procedure/4th Amendment: 11
Religion: 16
Habeas/Death Penalty: 15
Race: 23
Reapportionment: 6
Judicial Philosophy/Role of Courts: 71
Disability: 6
Plaintiffs’ and Consumers’ Rights: 8

Please drop a note to your Senators, tell them to get on the stick and support Judge Alito, and move his nomination to a quick up-or-down vote. He’s entitled to that, it’s the role given the Senate in the Constitution — if any of them are familiar with the Constitution. If not, Judge Alito can give them a refresher. Oh, wait — guess he just did