2006: Welcome Back!

By January 3, 2006General

Welcome back to all of you who took off this past week or so, like we did ’round the blog corral. We sent the poor blogger’s apprentice on assignment a few thousand miles away and as you can see, he was very busy. Time to get back to work for the rest of us, but please be careful to stretch today when getting to your desk and go slowly so as not to pull a muscle that will leave you sidelined for all or part of the season.

We will spend this week re-introducing ourselves to our colleagues and doing some stretching of our own, and trying to remember our various passwords. It’s incredible that blog traffic remained strong during the break. Makes us wonder sometimes why both of you keep coming back but hey, we appreciate it. And yes — to all of you who e-mailed — we’ll get back in the rhythm of Friday Follies, Saturday videos, etc, etc.

On the policy front, we’ll be gearing up for the confirmation hearings for Judge Alito and will continue to push to boost domestic supplies of energy. On both of these, we won’t quit until we’re done. Next week we’ll be participating in a few different blog events — one in the House, one in the Senate — and will provide more details about those as we get closer.