2006: The Year Ahead in Blogging

By January 3, 2006General

Thanks to both of you faithful blog readers for making this such a successful run for us here at our humble little blog. Please pardon our dust this month as we begin to make some improvements. We will do a bit of a facelift, maybe add a clever name as well.

More importantly, we will be adding some new bloggers to the rotation. Frank Vargo’s posts from Hong Kong during the WTO meeting were such a hit (we had the traffic to prove it) that it made us think that maybe all the wisdom and great prose was not embodied in the blogger-in-chief. Then we dispensed of that silly notion (whew!), but decided to call in some fresh horses anyway. Frank has agreed to do a monthly update on the progress (we hope) in the Doha Round of trade talks, which will appear here.

We will also add two more bloggers. Bill Canis, of the Manufacturing Institute will be writing periodically on manufacturing issues, including best practices and other issues of interest to manufacturers. And, our economist laureate, Dave Huether, will also be posting economic news and stats p.r.n. (that’s “as needed” for you non-medical types out there). The original plan for the blog way back when anticipated Bill and Dave’s participation but the blogger-in-chief kept blathering and crowding them out. Well, it’s time to get them some time here at the e-microphone and let a million e-flowers blossom. We think you’ll like it.

And, not to worry — the blogger-in-chief will continue to bloviate daily or as close to daily as his doctor will allow.