’11 Indicted in Eco-Terrorism Case’

By January 22, 2006General

On Friday, the Justice Department announced the indictment of 11 people in connection with a wave of “eco-terrorism” that swept Western states over the past five years. The 17 attacks for which these groups were charged caused some $23 million in damage. This included the torching of: the offices of the Boise Cascade Corporation, numerous vehicles (mostly SUV’s), a meatpacking company in Oregon, a ski center in Vail, Colorado, and a family-owned timber company in Oregon. The litany of destruction appears in the Justice Department’s press release. These folks appeared ready to stop at nothing in their zeal to prevent development and to stop any perceived environmental threats, from logging to larger vehicles.

The eleven people who were charged are alleged to be members of two groups: the Earth Liberation Front and the Animal Liberation Front. These are groups that clearly take an extreme position on issues of the environment. Checking the websites of the Sierra Club and the Environmental Defense Fund, there is no mention — such as condemnation — of these actions or any note of the indictments. In fairness, they came down on Friday. No doubt there will be something posted on Monday.

Don’t bet on it.