Wrap-Up on Yesterday’s Blog Event with Interior Secretary Norton

By December 8, 2005Energy

Good event yesterday with Secretary of the Interior Norton on ANWR. A few highlights that bear repeating/emphasis:

— We are going to continue to consume oil in this country for many years to come. We are going to get it from somewhere. We need to first and foremost decrease our reliance on foreign sources.

— As for the environmentalists, they have no alternative locations to get this oil, and wouldn’t they rather see it retrieved in an environmentally sound way — that is, if they really cared about the global environment.

— The expected output of ANWR — a million barrels a day — would be about 20% of our domestic production and about equal to all of the on-shore production in Texas today. It would bring $1.5 billion a month into the federal treasury.

— As for the beloved caribou, in the 1980’s when exploration of Prudhoe Bay began, there were 5,000 caribou. Today, there are 30,000.

Again, we would commend this DOI site to you. It’s full of information about ANWR. Oh — one more thing — Alaskans overwhelmingly support it. Why on earth would we not allow it, to help ease our dependence on foreign sources by increasing domestic supply?

Write to your Member of Congress and tell them to make this happen.

And, thanks again to Secreatry Norton for the invite.