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Dobbs WatchWelcome to all of you who are just finding us, courtesy of our nice mention on Lou Dobbs’ show. This is a blog dedicated to manufacturing and related issues, more or less. Every Wednesday we post a vintage manufacturing poster, every Friday we do Friday Follies, a random collection of stuff, and every Saturday we post a video of cool stuff being made. In between, you’ll find ruminations about energy, trade, unions, trial lawyers — oh, and Lou Dobbs.

This week, we have a special feature, daily reports from the WTO meetings in Hong Kong, courtesy of our man on the ground, our trade VP Frank Vargo.

We hope you enjoy it, hope you’ll come back.

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  • blogger's apprentice says:

    Currently, at this time, our video series is only available in streaming media (Windows Media Player) format. We offer both high resolution and low resolution to accommodate broadband and dial up users. Our system automatically detects what your best setting is, and plays it accordingly.

    In the near future (March-April 2006), we plan on also making these videos available for the Apple Video IPod player.

    If you continue to experience problems, please do click on the “help” button so our computer can help diagnose the problem better.

    Thanks again, and we hope you’ll keep visiting each week for more content and other future videos.

  • MuddyFox says:

    Hi, is it too much or is it possible for you to make available the webcast as a single downloadable (like in the WMV format)? I have a slow connection and it would be great if I could just download it once rather than use streaming median to view this. But nevertheless it is an excellent study media as well.