Thoughts on the WTO Meeting in Hong Kong

By December 19, 2005Trade

We hope you enjoyed Frank Vargo’s daily updates from the WTO Ministerial in Hong Kong. We thought it was a great way to employ new technology to get the latest news out to manufacturers and others. The feedback we heard from everyone was positive, and then some.

Y’know, the beauty of blogging (some would say the curse) is that there’s no filter. When we do our blog events on Capitol Hill, or with the Administration, you get the unvarnished, unfiltered words and thoughts from them, not our interpretation of them, our editorializing. God knows you get plenty of that from us in other posts.

We saw this in spades in Frank’s posts from Hong Kong. While the mainstream media was obsessing over the protesters — a gaggle of causes held together by their desire for publicity — we were getting thoughtful dispatches on precisely what was going on over there from the inside. The mainstream media showed precious little public interest in that (although they were reading the blog), but as our friend Eric McErlain over at the NEI blog always says, every blogger is a termite that eats away at the hold that the mainstream media has on public opinion. Our readers were able to get a real feel for what was happening in Hong Kong — bereft of a filter put on by someone with a distinctive point of view, or whose only interest was in showing the conflict and the minority negative view.

So while Frank Vargo and John Engler make their way back here from the WTO meetings, from representing manufacturers’ interests in some very important meetings, we just wanted to say thanks to Frank Vargo for his daily dispatches and for doing his part to cut through the filter and to get the manufacturing message out there. Hope he gets some well-deserved rest.