The Week Ahead: The Innovation Summit

By December 5, 2005General

The big goings-on this week is the National Summit on Competitiveness, to take place on Tuesday at the Commerce Department HQ in Washington. We are co-sponsoring, as manufacturing is at the heart of innovation. The purpose of the Summit is to stress that the U.S. faces a critical challenge to its global economic competitiveness if an action agenda is not undertaken. This tracks some of the themes in our Skills Gap Report from a week or so ago. Our agenda is to seek more research dollars and to expand the innovation talent pool.

As we’ve talked about in this space before, if we lose our innovative edge, we lose our manufacturing edge. We need to make sure that we are investing in research and development and to encourage more young people to go into careers in math and science. Stay tuned for more news about the Summit. If you want more details, click here for our media advisory, call 202.647.3107 or click on this link to drop us an e-mail.

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  • egoldman says:

    “If we lose our competitive edge”????As we close plants and ship jobs to China, guess where our edge went. We desperately need a government that truly (not just on TV) recognizes the need and value of U.S. manufacturing. We need a president who urges Americans to buy American, and who really leans on China re: IP rights and currency value. We are in deep trouble and getting deeper.
    NAM’s non-manufacturing members have a different agenda than those who truly make stuff in the U.S. We need leadership to bring unions and manufacturers together to stem the job losses. That means UAW and GM and Ford and realistic benefit plans.This administration is fiddling while Rome fries.