The Week Ahead: Energy

By December 12, 2005Energy

This week, the fight to increase the domestic supply of energy continues. ANWR will pump a million barrels of oil a day into the system, an amount about equal to Texas’ on shore capacity. In other words, nothing to sneeze at. We’ve been over the ANWR facts many times before. Wouldn’t the environmentalists rather drill for oil in a country where it’ll be done in the most environmentally-sensitive way or would they rather this demand be filled in countries with little regard to the environment? Also, is there some place else the environmentalists would rather we drill for oil domestically? Or would they rather us just not increase domestic supply? As we’ve pointed out, manufacturers not only support conservation and efficiency, we are at the forefront of it. But this is not an either/or proposition. We need conservation, efficiency and increased supply.

Here’s a link that’ll not only give you some more background on this issue, but it’ll also give you a list of some Members of Congress who need to hear from manufacturers and manufacturing employees in their districts. We hope you’ll weigh in and let them know what’s happening to your energy costs, what the real-life implciations are and tell them they need to do something ASAP to unleash domestic supplies of energy.