The Saturday Video: How Cars Are Made

By December 24, 2005Cool Stuff Being Made

Toyota CarsOK, here it is, a Christmas present one day early. As promised, it’s a video of the making of a very important (and common) mode of transportation: cars. Thanks to the good people at Toyota Motor Manufacturing in Georgetown, Kentucky for supplying the 5-minute narrated video of the manufacturing process. It goes from stamping through painting and powertrain through the end of the assembly process. At the end, you see the car being driven off the line. There’s also a video on their site which includes some of what you see in the manufacturing video as well as some history and other information about the Georgetown plant.

A little known fact: the blogger-in-chief actually made cars at one point in his career, way back when — after the invention of the internal combustion engine but when cars were actually painted by hand, and not dipped as they are today. It’s a fun and fascinating process to be a part of, and to watch.

We present it to you in the spirit of the season. We know it will be watched thousands and thousands of times, enjoyed by young and old alike. Sit back, watch a car being made and feel the manufacturing vibe.

Click here to see the video.