The NAM Takes to the Airwaves, v. 27

By December 11, 2005General

weekly radio showTime for our weekly radio show. This week, we speak with NAM President John Engler, Lockheed Martin’s Norm Augustine and the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Shirley Jackson at the Competitiveness Summit hosted by the Department of Commerce this past Tuesday. Then, we hear from small manufacturer and NAM Board Member Ron Bullock of Bison Gear (also a Competitiveness Summit participant) on his revolutionary new electric motor that’ll save energy. Later, Assistant United States Trade Representative Justin McCarthy opines on expectations for the WTO’s upcoming Hong Kong Ministerial. Finally, dueling economists Dave Huether of the NAM and Josh Bivens of the Economic Policy Institute. All this, including music from Muddy Waters’ Got My Mojo Workin’ and the classic Dueling Banjos (from the 1972 Academy Award-nominated film “Deliverance“).

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