The NAM Takes to the Airwaves, v. 26

By December 4, 2005General

weekly radio show For those of you who slept in today, another great show by our own Darren McKinney. This week, we hear from Pat Mears, NAM Director of International Commercial Affairs, on the Administration’s disappointing decision not to cite China for currency manipulation.

Then, we speak with Bally Block Company plant manager Dave Ritter from Pennsylvania whose energy efficiency could serve as an old school model for many modern companies.

Later, we chat with Traci Purdum, an editor from Industry Week to learn which companies are listed as the “50 Best Manufacturers.”

Finally, in conjunction with the 2005 Skills Gap Survey that suggests our schools are not doing a very good job preparing students for high-skill 21st- century jobs, we’ll talk with a small Minnesota manufacturer, Erick Ajax, about what he is doing on his own to train a high performance workforce.

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