The Emmy Bar Gets Lowered: Lou Dobbs to Get Lifetime Achievement Award

By December 1, 2005Dobbs Watch

Dobbs WatchTonight the National Television Academy — the people who bring you not only the Emmys but the all-important Daytime Emmys — is due to give Lou Dobbs its lifetime achievement award. Our first reaction was that maybe it only seemed like a lifetime that Lou has been on TV. As we said in one of our first posts on Lou, Jim Glassman once noted about his anti-trade rantings, “You should know better, Lou — you went to Harvard.” Indeed, Lou is a Harvard-trained economist who apparently needs a little refresher on some basic economics. He also has drifted far from his free-market capitalist roots to a place where he now embraces wacky left-of-center causes. The distance between his website and the AFL-CIO website is nil in terms of content. Sprinkle in all the anti-immigrant stuff — and running the same story night after night in a mind-numbing drone — and you get yourself a lifetime achievement award. Maybe it should be called the “Lifetime Endurance” Award.

No matter, no sour grapes here. When they give a lifetime achievement award for blogging, we hope he’ll be similarly gracious with us. Here’s a link to a study from the Free Market Project which well documents Lou’s increasingly pronounced bias. Funny that he never got this award when he was a capitalist. There’s a message in there somewhere.

Somewhere, Susan Lucci is crying.

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  • James Chirico says:

    Lou Dobbs is one of the best cable newspersons
    in the world. His left-leaning views are for the
    most part honest commentary. Bill O’Reilly does
    much the same with right-leaning views. Your
    attack on Dobbs is with little merit considering
    the various yellow journalists employed by the
    tv news bureaus.

  • James Chirico says:

    You should move to Kansas, where true facts
    are ignored for religious fundamentalism. An ice
    core 650,000 years old absolutely proves man-made
    levels of heat trapping gases are causing the
    changes in global temperatures. The loss of krill
    population (ice shelf depletion) has endangered
    global ocean sea life. Nature will eventually
    adjust by eradicating mankind. I believe the
    present worldwide volcanic spewing is the result
    of excess water pushing on continental plates.