The Alito Endorsement: Take Action

By December 14, 2005Judicial Nominations

Big day yesterday with the announcement of the NAM’s endorsement of Judge Alito. It was fitting, as we noted, that we were preceded in the Press Club (same room) by the American Tort Reform Association and their annual list of “Judicial Hellholes“. The two issues are related. As NAM President John Engler likes to point out, predictability is very important in the law. In fact, it is in inverse proportion to litigation, ie., the more predictability you have, the less litigation (i.e., judicial hellholes) you have. It all begins at the top. Engler appointed many judges when he was Governor of Michigan, knows what he’s talking about. Here’s a copy of his opening statement from yesterday.

The NAM has long been involved in advocacy before the legislative and executive branches, but we became involved in the Supreme Court confirmation process this year for the first time because business issues make up more than half of the high court’s caseload. Too often, hard-won legislative or administrative gains are lost in the courts to judges who wander beyond what the law is into what the law should be.

It is our hope that, with jurists like Chief Justice John Roberts and Judge Alito, we can begin to reduce the exorbitant legal costs in this country. Legal costs consume more than 2 percent of our GDP, making us the world leader in legal costs, which are 7.5 times that of our nearest competitor.

The Senate Judiciary Committee will begin hearings on the Alito nomination the week of January 9, and a floor vote is expected the following week. Please take time now to contact your Senators, urging support for Judge Alito’s nomination. To e-mail your senators, click here. For contact information (phone, fax, email, etc.) for your senators, click here.

A videotape of yesterday’s press conference announcing our endorsement is available by clicking here.