Sarbanes-Oxley and Other Sundries

By December 1, 2005General

It appears as though the Blogger-in-Chief has promoted his humble apprentice into the new role of Minister of Special Events. Much of the content that the apprentice has written has been about upcoming events that we think you ought to attend.

Well, here’s one that you tax and corporate governance folks might like:

Next Thursday, December 8, the NAM will host an event with SEC Commissioner Paul Atkins, PCAOB Board Member Bill Gradison and Houses Financial Services Committee Chief Counsel Carter McDowell.

Its from 10-2 pm EST.

We’re hosting the event with some pretty smart folks because its been three years since the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 was signed into law, and its caused many in the business community to focus on a wide range of corporate governance issues.

So, we’ll talk about Sarbanes-Oxley compliance costs/benefits/reform, the new SEC rules on executive compensation disclosure and demands for director election by majority vote plus a few other topics and we’ll take your questions too.

The event is for NAM members only and it costs $50 but it includes a nice lunch. Proving once again Milton Friedman was right when he said, “There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch.” But hey, sounds like some pretty cool speakers, right?

And if you attend we’ll gladly sign your hall pass and vouch that you were here. Plus, you might be able to convince your boss that if you promise to write a book report on what you learned, you might be able to expense the lunch, right?

click here to register.

Oh, remember that this is only for NAM members. If your company is a member, you can come. Is your company a member? If not, isn’t this an excellent reason to join?