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By December 9, 2005General

Report from AmericaWe’re up here in Philadelphia for the Winter Leadership Conference of the Council of Manufacturing Associations, an NAM-affiliated group ably run by Stephen Gold and Chaired (until yesterday) by Bruce Parker of the Environmental Indusries Association. Last night we welcomed incoming chair Robin Wiener of ISRI and heard Tony Blankley speak. Tony was provided courtesy of Leading Authorities, who always provide a top lineup of speakers for these meetings.

Blankley didn’t disappoint, was as insightful as ever. He said the two major issues facing the US for the foreseeable future are (on the domestic side) paying for the retirement and health care of baby boomers and (on the international side) the threat of Islamist terror and the effects of radical Islamist thought. As he said, we face serious challenges abroad and “domestic reckoning” (in his words) at home.

He talked a bit about the current political scene in Washington, and noted that the public thinks the economy’ s not doing well (by almost 2-1 in recent polls) in spite of the fact (as we’ve noted here) that it’s doing very, very well. He compared the GOP takeover of the House in ’94 (remember he was a top aide to Former Speaker Gingrich) to today’s climate, pointed out some similarities but more differences. In the end, he predicted, it’s more likely that the GOP will hold the majority in the House in the elections of ’06.

There was also a panel yesterday on blogs. Lots of interest among the assembled associations. We predict that several will take the plunge (we won’t name names just yet), and we will be there to welcome them all to the blogosphere.

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  • don shea says:

    Hey Pat. Good seeing you in Philly. You might consider a synopsis of Malcolm O’Hagen’s wonderful comments about the “makers of things.” It was clever and transparently heartfelt.