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By December 19, 2005Miscellaneous

Here’s a link to a post over on RedState by Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) entitled, “ANWR One Step Closer to Becoming Law.” Let’s hope so. In the course of his comment he makes this great point:

“When it comes to energy and national security we don’t need to do just one thing — we need to do everything. We need to explore our own resources in Alaska and in the deep ocean, we need to conserve, and we need to expand our fuel options and fuel choices to get us beyond oil. I support the gentleman from Alaska and would suggest there is almost nothing in this bill more important to national security than freeing us from our dependence on foreign oil.”

We say “Amen” to that, a point we’ve made repeatedly here. This isn’t an either/or proposition. We need to conserve and to be efficient. Manufacturers are at the forefront of both. But we also need new domestic supplies. Ask an enviro: Where would it be OK to get more oil or natural gas….?

Click here to tell your Senators and Member of Congress to vote for anything that increases domestic supply.

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  • A. Herrera says:

    Precisely! Kali my friend, the Mayor of the North Slope Borough, the Mayor of Kaktovik, the Elders of the villages of Barrow, Kaktovik and Nuiqsit, the State Senator of the Arctic North Slope, the President and Board of Directors of the Arctic Slope Regional Corporation of which ALL Inupiat are shareholders, the Alaska Federation of Natives (representing ALL Alaskan natives), the 3 Alaskan Congressional Representatives, the ENTIRE Alaska State Legislature, The Governor, OVER 75% of ALL Alaskans — ALL support ANWR and have YEARLY passed resolutions in support of ANWR. Hmmm. I gues that means you don’t really know what your talking about doesn’t it?
    It might surprise you to know that many Democrats , particularly Alaskan Native Democrats also are highly in favor of opening the 10-02 Area. It is not a republican right wing issue as you presume.
    What difference does it make, you ask? Well Katrina showed us that. One million barrels lost affected every state in the nation at the pump and in the pocket. Thats just one million barrels; the same as what ANWR is likely to produce. Thats a pretty big effect. But I guess thats nothing to you.
    Instead you seem happy to rely on other countries to supply that oil. Those countries don’t have nearly the same concern for the environment as Alaskans do.
    Please remember the Natives of Alaska publicly and strongly support this issue, and they are the stewards and best environmentalists of their land.

    You need to check your facts as you have clearly been brainwashed by green false propoganda.

  • Pat Cleary says:

    Well, actually, Alaskans support drilling in ANWR by a huge margin, so if you did ask them, we’d be pulling oil out of there today. And, it’ll have output about equal to what comes from Texas on-shore today. Should we pull the plug in Texas, too?

  • Kali Hart says:

    Ask a Republican…where ISN’T it okay to drill for oil…nothin’ is sacred to them, clearly.
    Ask the people who are native to the Arctic region, who have fought to protect their ancestral rights to this homeland for decades. They LIVE there…would YOU want an oil field in your backyard? Why don’t you do some REAL research on this “barren wasteland” you have just sacrificed. Oh and gee…I wonder why Congress and a REPUBLICAN president passed this bill way back when…what could THEY have seen in the need to preserve such a wasteland…hmmm…no malls, no roads to drive hummers off of???Oh, and eactly WHAT kind of difference is this going to make for America’s energy independence in the future?Next to nothin… but apparently some people would sell their own mothers into prostitution,(not to mention their sons into war,) even for a LITTLE of that oil… mmm good. It’s the American way.