Outer Continental Shelf (OCS)

By December 7, 2005Energy

In response to our question on OCS:

We support legislation that would allow revenue sharing with coastal sates. They need to have some vested interest in the question of whether offshore energy is developed. Our current system only gives them income for the first 3 miles of federal waters. On shore, we split revenues 50-50.

It’s very important for the future of the nation’s economy that we have strong supply of natural gas. It’s a local, not international market. We need to work on LNG and on developing our offshore resources.

We have the strongest test anyone could possible devise re: the safety of natural gas — two hurricanes. With all the fury of those hurricanes (sustained winds of 170 mph for 5-6 hours with gusts over 200 mph), the power of the accompanying waves. Not a single wellhead shut-off valve failed. Not a single significant oil spill from our offshore wells. We have the technology to address these problems. The hurricanes changed this debate.