By December 7, 2005Energy

Here’s another ANWR map. There will be 10.4 b barrels of recoverable oil.

Seismic work done in the 80’s. Carter signed legislation that identified the Coastal Plain of ANWR as a unique area, at Congress’ request. Scientific work completed, Congress till wrestling with that decision. ANWR has

If you believe that moving in the direction on energy independence is a desirable goal, you need to look at ANWR. There’s nowhere else we can look on shore for this kind of supply. We’ve learned a lot about how to protect the environment, would require the newest environment to protect ANWR.

You hear about the caribou population. In Prudhoe Bay, when drilling began, there were about 5,000 caribou. Today, there are over 30,000 caribou. They existed — prospered — even under the old technology. We can minimize the impact on caribou.

The legislation that we’ve supported would limit the amount of surface footprint to 2,000 acres. If Alaska were the front page of a newspaper, the footprint for drilling would be one letter.

At 1 million barrels/day this would about 20% of our domestic output today. This is a little more than what we’re getting from Prudhoe today, about as much as the entire stte of Texas produces on shore.