Manufacturers & New Years, v.3: Fun in the Sun and Water

By December 30, 2005General

Blogging from AustraliaWe had a slight change of plans and today finds us again in Noosa. We took to the beach today to chill out after two very long days of driving.

We got some great surfing lessons from a company called WaveSense and then later on we went jet-skiiing. As this was a slight change of plans, we don’t have a full profile of a manufacturer today, but as we were paddling up to some nice waves and then clocking 60 km/h on the Pacific Ocean with a jet ski, it occured to us, and it bears emphasizing that surf boards and jet-skiis don’t just fall out of the sky for people to enjoy…someone’s gotta make them…and if you’re wondering who, look no further than America’s manufacturers. In fact, one member of the NAM, the National Marine Manufacturers Association represents companies that do just that…so if you’re enjoying the beach this holiday season, remember to thank a manufacturer for making it all possible.

Most importantly, as that famous commencement speech would say: don’t forget to wear sunscreen. Oh, and we make that too!

Be sure to come back tomorrow to find out where in Australia we will be blogging next