Manufacturers & New Years, V. 2: Lighting up the Skies

By December 28, 2005General

Blogging from AustraliaWe zipped up the coast from Sydney to Brisbane (with two others, it wasn’t that bad a drive, but it was long). In Brisbane, we visited the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary where you can get your picture taken hugging a Koala. We planned on also visiting the XXXX Brewery but they were closed.

So, we then drove another 90 minutes or so to to Noosa, Australia, and went and hiked in the Noosa National Park, which was fun (and free!).

So, the drive over the last day and a half was quite long and we had a lot of time to start thinking: What’s a New Year’s celebration without fireworks?

As the sun sets on New Year’s Eve, one NAM member begins to shine, Zambelli Fireworks Internationale. Proudly known as the “First Family of Fireworks,” Zambelli is one of the oldest and largest American fireworks companies. Founded by Antonio Zambelli who emigrated from Italy in 1893 and set up shop in New Castle, Pa.,, where George R. Zambelli, Sr. built the company to where it is today as it enters the fourth generation of family ownership in Pa., which has become a center for America’s fireworks industry.

Zambelli Fireworks produces programs in Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada, the Bahamas and many high profile events in the United States, including the World Series and the FedEx Orange Bowl. Among their notable achievements, Zambelli has been cited in the Guinness Book of World Records for launching fireworks at the highest altitude off Pittsburgh’s U.S. Steel Building, and met the challenge of illuminating Mount Rushmore and lit the entire Manhattan skyline for the Statue of Liberty anniversary.

Come back tomorrow for part three of our special “Manufacturers & New Years” edition and check out where in Australia the Blogger’s Appprentice will be!