In Montreal, Only One Kyoto Target

By December 10, 2005Energy

As the UN Climate Change Conference limps to a fairly unceremonious end in Montreal, there was more talk about next steps post-Kyoto. There was not as much talk about Kyoto targets. As you know, the Kyoto accords set targets for the various signatories to hit. Those signatories, incidentally, did not include China or India or the US. Our non-participation was supported by a squeaker 95-0 vote in the Senate. Don’t get many of those these days.

So in any event, here’s a story about how far most of the EU countries are from hitting their targets. They signed this document under political pressure because it’s a political document. In terms of results, there are precious few. Here is a link to the ACCF website, an excellent resource on this issue, and here’s a link to JunkScience, which has some interesting stats on Kyoto as well. Here’s our one-pager on it, and here’s a link to all our energy stuff in one place. Search “Kyoto” and you’ll find some more interesting facts.

At the end of the day, there was really only one target for Kyoto and only one target in Montreal. It was unfortunately not greenhouse gases, but rather the good ol’ US of A.