Forget Global Warming — The Ice Age is Coming!

By December 1, 2005Energy, Global Warming

In the midst of all this hubbub over global warming and the gathering this week in Montreal, a blog reader called our attention to this site entitled, “Not By Fire But By Ice”, talking about the threats of the coming Ice Age. The subtitle puts it all in terms we can understand: “Discover What Killed the Dinosaurs . . . and Why it Could Soon Kill Us”.

You’ll see plenty of information on here about heavy weather and record low temperatures around the US and around the globe. To read it, you’d run and grab a sweater, believe us. It’s just in such sharp contrast to the global warming theory, but it does highlight the fact that these are all just theories after all, each with their own fervent adherents. We just need to make sure that we don’t make federal — or global — policy based on theories until they’ve been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

Some fundamental questions: is the globe cooling or warming? Is it a cycle or a trend? What is the cause? Is it man-made or is it naturally occurring? Real scientists demand the scientific method of analysis. People with their own agendas are less concerned with the science than they are with pushing their own ends. In the enviros’ case, it’s a world without oil, gas, coal and nuclear power, and no internal combustion engines. They’ve been quite clear about that. Their constant pushing of the global warming theory is one step along that road, nothing more, nothing less.

Just wanted you to be aware of some competing theories. See you at the next Global Cooling Conference.

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  • Valter R. A. Pontes says:

    My friend theory it’s a hipotese that was proved a fact,if that science it’s all about. I belive that the tesis presented by global warming hipotese it’s intresting but that does not prove nothing to me under my studies. When I pick up the tesis of global cooling that seams rational and envetually can became a theory proved by scientific methods and expriments.
    The case is that none of the defenders of both hipotesis had presented nothing to prove both of them… So in this cases they are just pseudoscience or in other words crap junk to tabloids.In final word they are just HIPOTETIC HIPOTESIS…but not or never THEORYS at all.