Don’t Forget to Vote!

By December 7, 2005General

OK, more shameless begging here….

As you know, thanks to both of you regular blog readers, we managed to get ourselves nominated as one of the “Best Business Blogs” (a low bar, admittedly) on Wizbang. So now it’s time to vote. You’ll see all the finalists listed, but please do go to this link and cast your vote — for us, that is. We’ll keep bugging you ’til you do. Voting closes December 15. And don’t expect any of this, “It was an honor to be nominated” crap like you get at the Oscars. We don’t believe it any more than they do — we want to win — or at least not get trounced. Unlike in Chicago, you can’t vote more than once in a 24-hour period. Trust us, we tried.

As the Black Eyed Peas say, “Where’s the love, y’all?”