David Broder on Innovation and Technology

By December 19, 2005General

A great op-ed in yesterday’s Washington Post by the esteemed David Broder on the need for a greater investment in research, education and innovation here in the US. Best of all, he cites the recent Innovation Summit, of which we were a co-sponsor. He talks about the disparity between the US and Asia in engineering and science graduates, a fact that we’ve hammered on here at the NAM and especially on the blog. Broder urges the President to package a new initiative that would include elements from the Summit and from a new National Academy of Sciences panel all aimed at increasing federal investment in basic research and at, as Broder puts it, “tackling the talent problem” in math and science. This is what NAM President John Engler calls “the innovation deficit.”

In any event, here’s a link to the Broder piece.

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  • save_the_rustbelt says:

    Any new education initiatives are likely to be dead on arrival as the wild fiscal mismangement of the Bush administration continues.