Blog Event Today with Interior Secretary Norton

By December 7, 2005Energy

Don’t forget that today we’ll be blogging with Secretary of Interior Gale Norton on the topic of ANWR. Watch this space for updates. We hope to be live, but if the technology eludes us,we may have to result to the ol’ pen and paper and then fill you in later.

Here’s a link to a great site from the Department of Interior that is chuck a block with ANWR facts. The facts have gotten lost in the debate of late. We especially liked this link which will show you how long your state would run with the oil that would flow from ANWR. Again, as Detective Joe Friday would say, “Just the facts, ma’am.” We’ll be getting plenty from Secretary Norton today and will pass them along to you.

Stay tuned.

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  • Stephen Gough says:

    Former Secretary Norton has promulgated policies that are even more outrageous than those of Bush. Witness the fact that she is highly prodevelopment, at the expense of a reasonable conservation ethic, and that is in part no doubt to both her bizzare lack of appropriate resource conservation (and the influence of unintellectual lobbyists). When is this administration going to realize that we are tasked to be stewards of the environment (hint: it’s in the Bible, folks, so when are all you evangelists going to take notice)? Her greatest faults have been the promotion of ANWR dilling, messy mining practices and a lack of concern about the health of ecosystems and endangered species. No one of her caliber should be in charge of the oversight of resources inasmuch as she is antithetical in her mission. It is high time she stepped down, though I’m afraid Bush will just appoint another, similar crony.

  • Chuck says:

    Secretary Norton, I have several questions. Please tell us what kind of roads will be used if ANWR is developed and how the reclamation of all the roads, runways,drilling and production facilities will be done once production is depleted? Will they be restored to per-drilling conditions? Is a clean up fund at the start part of the plan? Is global warming going to allow drilling in the sea?

  • Still not Convinced says:

    While I think this debate is great and all, and I’m so glad to know that we’ll be getting, “Just the facts, ma’am”. How does knowing how long “our” state would run on ANWR’s oil help anything?
    First of all, that oil wouldnt be going to any one state (if drilled), and second of all, how can you possibly think that “we” will be benefiting from that oil when the rights are sold to the oil companies who then sell to the highest bidder?
    Secretery Norton could you please tell me how these “facts” are supposed to influence the american public… they sound more like proper propaganda to me.