ANWR: Not Yet

By December 22, 2005Energy

We were certainly disappointed with the Senate vote yesterday on ANWR. Not sure how many of you suffered through the hours of debate and posturing — it was like torture to watch — but it was a little much. Opponents of drilling kept objecting to any change in the arcane rules of the Senate. At the end of the day, some 57 Senators voted right on the key vote that would have allowed ANWR exploration to move forward.

Think back to your civics course: Lessee, there are 100 Senators, right? Now think back to your arithmetic course: what’s half of 100? If you guessed a number near 50, you’re right. So you’d think that 57 Senators voting in favor would be enough to get it done, right? Not so. After all, this is the United States Senate. Precisely because of the arcane Senate rules, proponents needed 60 votes to get it done. The tyranny of the minority.

You might also recall that back in early November, there was another Senate vote on ANWR, where our side prevailed (again), that time with 52 votes. However, that bill failed to pass the House, so back we went to the Senate. Thanks to the enormous activism of manufacturers — through this blog and on their own, we boosted that total by 5.

The enviros are hanging on by a thread. We will win this vote in time. Maybe once people start shivering, start paying a fortune for their heating bills, the enviros’ opposition will be brushed aside and we will take another step toward increased domestic supplies of energy.

Click here to see how your Senators voted. Be sure to thank those who voted right and let those know who voted wrong that you don’t appreciate their lack of support for manufacturing. Here’s a link to our press release, expressing our disappointment and asking those who voted against for their solution to boosting domestic supply.

Thanks to all of you who weighed in. It will happen, all in good time. Stay tuned. This thing ain’t over.